You know, Nigerians used to think it was just simple “corruption”, boldly coated with acute embezzlement of hard cash.

We used to think they were at least, ashamed of their despicable acts, and won’t go beyond just looting public funds.

Actually, we know they’re cold-blooded animals, we just didn't know…

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by too much work, you would understand how relieving a 3-day holiday can be.

I had been freelancing for an entire year and barely gave myself a treat; it was only natural that I got mentally exhausted.

Without double-thinking, I packed a few clothes and…

Sometime in the earliest days of this month, we decided to change things up a bit for the New Year.

The meeting was quite long though and we came up with multiple ideas which will kickstart in 2019. …

Some people already call him a yahoo boy, so if this is actually true, then it means they’ve been right all along. Seriously though, it’d be the joke of the century if Jubril from Sudan has been posing as Buhari for close to two years now.

I’m quite sure you’ve…

Once upon a time, in the land of Shoot Your Shot, there was a Prince Charming that got every last piece of my attention.

I met this guy in school, his name was Boluwatife.

Calling him Boluwatife seemed like a chore (too long a name), so I started calling him…

Do you ever compare yourself to anyone?

Of course, you do, everyone does.

Actually, “Stop comparing yourself to others” is great advice and you’ve probably heard it over a million times. Sincerely, it helps, because weighing your life with someone else’s sometimes leads to mental exhaustion and an inferior feeling.

Managing technical teams can prove to be really tough, it’s not as straightforward as managing a team of digital marketers.

Overseeing a tech team as a non-technical person will prove to be harder; the team operates on a different level and speak a different language, which requires special skills to…

You must have heard something about color psychology;

It portrays how each color relates to the human body respectively, the emotions they evoke and how it affects our behavior.

To a large extent, color has a great influence on consumers’ emotions and perception of products. It connects with humans on…

Before I go ahead to tell you why hiring an introvert would be a great idea, here’s a list of 23 legends you probably didn’t know are/were introverts;

Bill Gates

Rosa Parks

Albert Einstein

Sir Isaac Newton

Mark Zuckerberg

Larry Page

Marissa Mayer

Elon Musk

Mahatma Gandhi

Warren Buffet


No doubt, building a great brand is quite hard, but it’s achievable. You could walk into any store and come across over a hundred product brands and wonder where they come from. …

Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

I’m a Writer. Obviously, right? If I don’t educate, inspire or motivate you with my work, I’d definitely entertain you with my stories.

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